History of LA Optometry Video

Dr. James D. Sandefur represents the legacy generation of Optometrists that have worked so very hard to make optometry what it is today. He lives in the small town of Oakdale, LA, and shares stories about his family cabin, his time as Executive Director of the Optometry Association of Louisiana, and his time in practice when refraction fees started at $5.  Jim brings a strong point of view on the importance of organized optometry and the power of the optometry practice law in Louisiana.  Every optometrist, especially those under 40 years old, should soak in the words of Dr. Sandefur. 

The Stories within the Story include:
0:55 The 1960’s Education Story
2:37 The Practice Career Story
3:32 The Optometry Evolution Story
4:46 The Louisiana Drug Privileges Story
7:16 The Executive Director Story 9:27 The Exclusive Optometry Law Story
13:14 The InfantSEE Perspective Story
15:36 The Tele-optometry Perspective Story
16:14 The Louisianian Story
18:05 The Organized Optometry Story
21:10 The Family Story