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On behalf to the entire OAL, we thank you for your continued support of our educational endeavors.  We strive to make each of our meetings uniquely different, while never compromising on quality education.  Louisiana has become a leader in top notch optometric continuing education and we always welcome your input regarding topics, speakers, and venues. 

Rob Janot, OD, FAAO

Chris Wroten, OD


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“To meet re-licensure requirements, COPE approval of CE courses in not recognized by the Louisiana State Board of Optometry Examiners.  All CE courses will be submitted for posting on your OE Tracker profile, yet will be listed as NON COPE.  Louisiana has opted to forego the onerous requirements set forth by ARBO for CE programs; therefore, even though a speaker may present a course which COPE has approved, COPE approval cannot be issued for that same course presented in Louisiana.  If you are applying for re-licensure in other states, it is your responsibility to verify that our CE hours (which will all be NON COPE) will count toward your re-licensure.”


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