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Thank you for your support, over the past several years, in helping us rebuild the OAL-PS (Paraoptometric Section).   We want to continue to offer as many benefits to our member Optometrists as we can, and here is a big one..........
In order to allow ALL staff members who are employed by OAL ODs to enjoy membership benefits, it has been decided to discontinue dues for paras effective 2015!   All staff, employed by an OAL member, will now be considered members of the OAL-PS….it’s that simple!   Members of the OAL-PS will enjoy discounts on registration fees at the OAL Conventions and other functions.   This is modeled after the new AOA paraoptometric section's membership.   Of course, staff members working in non OAL OD practices will still be considered non members of the OAL-PS.
If you, or someone from your office, is not currently signed up for membership, please do so by clicking on the JOIN icon (remember, it is free!) so we can have updated profiles:

The OAL-PS offers a broad spectrum of educational opportunities to help improve paraoptometric skills which, in turn, means better overall vision care for patients. The OAL-PS was founded for the benefit of not only paraoptometrics, but for their employers as well. A well-trained paraoptometric can perform many routine office procedures, giving optometrists more time to spend with patients - and that means better care. The OAL-PS also provides an opportunity for paraoptometrics to meet, make new friends, share ideas, and enjoy quality time with their peers.

Thank You again for all of your support, please contact us if you have any additional questions:
Amy Godeaux, CPOT                      Rob Janot, OD, FAAO
OAL-PS President                           OAL Liaison to the Paraoptometric Section
337-457-5277                                  337-625-2020
James D. Sandefur, OD
OAL Executive Director


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